An Equation for Manageable Living
Rhea and Amy

Is your life messy and marvelous?

Ours is. We are passionate about telling the truth — as best we can — about life. And the truth is, life is never all messy or all marvelous.

Telling this truth often involves facing reality, being vulnerable, and harnessing courage. These things may not come naturally to you!

MessyMarvelous, previously LiM2 (pronounced lim-squared), was created out of our passion for helping people manage this truth, and giving them skills that will make life’s messiness easier to navigate, and help keep life’s marvelousness alive.

To read more about why this blog was created, click here.

Each Monday we will highlight one of these skills. You can reflect on this skill, practice it during the week, and share it with others.

As therapists we help people as we encounter them; one person, one couple, one family at a time. Our hope is that this blog will increase those encounters, and spread the good news that with reliable skills, life can be marvelous — even when it is terribly messy.

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