LAUNCH: A Guide to Adulting


Are you ready to launch into the adult world? Have you been told, “It’s time”?

Drs Rhea Merck and Amy Montanez (authors of Messy Marvelous) have written a book to help you do just that.

  • How comfortable are you asking for help?
  • Do you have the necessary grit to hang in there when adult life doesn’t go exactly as planned?
  • How well do you meet people and participate in community?

These are just three of the eleven skills covered in this book. Carefully designed so that any reader can use it alone as a resource for self-improvement, or in a group to foster discussion, you will come away inspired to do a better job adulting!

Failure to launch is a real thing. This book will help you hone the skills you need to thrive, and to feel competent in the adult world.

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