Skill #52: Say Thank You

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

Here we are at the end of Year 1 blogging as LiM2—Life is Messy, Life is Marvelous.  There has been a lot of messiness in our own lives this year and many marvelous moments!  That said, we cannot let this important anniversary pass without saying a heartfelt “THANK YOU!” to all of our faithful readers.  Your feedback, comments, messages, Likes, and Shares let us know that we are on the right path to fulfilling our mission of helping people with the life skills for managing their messy lives to help make them more marvelous.  We would have a difficult time expressing how much it means to have you all along on this journey—without you, this would just be a purposeless exercise.

Take the time this week to say THANK YOU to someone in your life who helps you get where you want to go.  Sometimes we forget, get too busy, or put it on a long lost list, only to let the moment pass and the sentiment forgotten.

IMG_1203It is safe to say there are many people we would likely want to thank who helped us get where we are today as, like so many of people, we are “standing on the shoulders of giants”; however, there are some select folks who have been especially important in advising, guiding, teaching, brainstorming, and supporting us in our blogging that we would like to name.  This is by no means exhaustive as we believe everyone who takes the time to read the blog is to be thanked.  So thank YOU!

Specifically, we would like to recognize Helen Johnson, Maria Montanez, Rebekah Merck, Caitlin Merck, Nick Montanez, Warren “Pinkie” McInnis Hughes, Clayton King, Jeffery Schwalk, Joe Sprott, Carrie Graves, Karen Garrison, Sarah Scully, Christian Anderson, Eileen Digney, Katherine Funderburk, Barbara Austin, Bit Graham…..and the 1348 other folks who “Like” our Facebook page!

Stick with us because we are expecting some big news this week!  We also have exciting plans for Year 2!  If LiM2 speaks to you, pass it along.  We’ll thank you in advance for that!

So Say Thank You because Life is Messy and Life is Marvelous!

Amy & Rhea

8 thoughts on “Skill #52: Say Thank You”

    1. Well you’re certainly FABULOUS Helen! We’re so glad we partnered with you in this. Get ready to see your design go viral! (fingers crossed!)

  1. Congratulations, on your milestone. Interesting to see the range of your topics and the intimacy you place in them. Doing well and hope the same for you.

    1. Thank you Roy! It’s been quite a year and we really are excited about the next! Happy that you’re well….and thanks for following us!

  2. Thank YOU, Amy and Rhea! Have enjoyed, been uplifted, inspired and other helps in your first year. I am looking forward to year two.

    Lynda Kohn

    1. Thank YOU Lynda–inspiration grows when’s it’s shared and it’s safe to say, we’ve needed and had a lot! Thanks for your support!

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