Year 2020, Skill #29: Light a Candle

Light a candle. This year has been a dark one around the world. It should be clear that we are not alone in this struggle during the last 10 months; however, the paradox, of course, is that so many have been alone, felt alone, celebrated alone, struggled alone, or even died alone in 2020.

Many traditions light a candle as a prayerful act—the Menorah, Advent wreaths, ritual church services in many denominations. We celebrate someone’s life with birthday candles and we set an ambiance of love, warmth, and passion by lighting candles in our homes. Anyone who has sat beside a campfire with loved ones senses the primordial nature of that simple act as people have been gathering around the light and warmth for centuries.

The flame symbolizes the divine fire in us and thus, our relationship with our God and all of those who came before us. This light represents love and hope.

Light In The Sky

Tonight, December 21, the winter solstice (and when we publish this blog) is an auspicious night: the universe will light the world as Jupiter and Saturn align in our dark night sky. This astronomical event last occurred over 800 years ago. It is said to mimic the Bethlehem Star which lit the way for so many at Jesus’ birth. This alignment is being unceremoniously dubbed The Great Conjunction of 2020. But there is a message there, too.

It is time to come together after a period of divisiveness—to have our own Great Conjunction. To heal our separateness both with one another and also spiritually. Perhaps more than ever, we need our light to shine. We could all benefit from this message of love and hope in our messy world right now.

So when you light your candles this holiday season, hold that love and hope in your heart for our world. Practice lighting up the connection to your Divine with intentionality. Then share your light of connection with others. Your light will make our world more marvelous. Our wish to you is for peace throughout this holiday season.

With Gratitude, Rhea & Amy

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