Year Three: Regrouping #1

We are spending a weekend doing what we do best: working a bunch, laughing a lot, building relationships, eating good food and drinking good wine, walking, talking, and because we are in a cottage on a lake, swimming, floating, and kayaking. Here’s a shout out to our Airbnb hosts Jenn and Bob who are making this time easy and fun.

There are two questions we keep asking ourselves, and we will share those questions with you in a later blog.  For today, know that we are asking for help. We want help figuring out how to go forward in new and exciting ways. We need help discerning how much risk we are willing to take. We need help with technology and marketing because we are luddites with technology and we have very little time to market in a productive way. We may need help finding investors so that we can hire the resources necessary to make a shift. We tweeted Oprah just for shits and giggles. “Life is Messy, Life is Marvelous, don’t you think, @Oprah?” we said. She hasn’t answered. But why not reach for the moon? Go big or go home. Here’s a quote from our very first blog, skill number one, ask for help!

Why do we ask for help? Because LIFE IS MESSY and sometimes we just don’t know enough or have enough resources or have the strength to do it well on our own. Sometimes life hands out more than we think we can bear. Sometimes we have blind spots and can’t see our own problems. And I can tell you that having been a therapist for twenty-five years now, and a teacher before that, that the most successful and well-adjusted people know when to ask for help. The people I know who are making a real difference in the world ask for help.

So that’s what we are up to. We are excited. Cautious. Curious. Discerning. Puzzled. Mystified. And a bit uncertain. But stay tuned. And keep in touch with us through our Facebook page, LiM2.

Because we are all messy and marvelous, we need your encouragement as much as you need ours.

Amy and Rhea
our beautiful view on Lake Wylie
our beautiful view on Lake Wylie




3 thoughts on “Year Three: Regrouping #1”

  1. You are correct. Life is messy; life is marvelous. I choose the marvelous part of it. What do you do when you are married to someone with PTSD? Or TBI? The person who came back from overseas totally different from the person you kissed goodbye? You still love them but your life is upside down. You want to stay with that person, and you know what the military counselors tell you to do, but what can you life coaches tell us on how to handle it?

  2. How is the regrouping going? Have you gotten any insight? I can offer encouragement but that’s about it… love you both!

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