Year Two, Skill #37: Wait for it….!

Hi LiM2 readers!  Amy and I have discussed this possibility many times over the last year and a half–that we might not have a blog to post on Monday morning.  But so far, it never happened; somehow we managed to push through each time!  Needless to say, not this time.

On Friday, we met and decided that we wanted to run another series on relationships for February, since Valentine’s Day could probably cross your consciousness.  Well before sunrise on Saturday, I left for a conference out west.  But I had a plan: I would have flight time and both Saturday & Sunday afternoons to write.  Oh…the best laid plans!  Saturday writing on the plane did not work out and, not only was I exhausted upon arrival, but I had a bit of altitude adjustment symptoms, so I slept and was only marginally functional–not a great space for getting creative juices flowing.

And Sunday?  Well, our group had planned to go horseback riding on Monday afternoon but it got shifted to Sunday.  I’d already paid, so of course I said “yes” to the riding instead of writing!  (If you want something to read today, try “Just Say Yes” or last year’s relationship series beginning on February 1st.)


Amy and I always talk about doing our best work here, so I made the executive decision to embrace the messiness and post the blog when I could get a quality product created.  I am sure you will understand, because, after all, Life is Messy and the horses and scenery were Marvelous!  It was worth it!

Me on Trader at Jake’s Horses in Montana.

I hope to post on Tuesday.  peace…


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