Create–Year Three: Regrouping & Review

Create and Re-imagine

Dear Loyal Readers,

Well, it’s not Monday, but here we are!  Welcome to Summer! Perhaps you are taking a vacation or maybe a “staycation” — either way, we thought as you turned toward the summer slow down, we would send out a message for reflection as you regroup.

Yes…our own regrouping year has been just that: a time to rethink and re-vision what we have created here on, to engage in new creative tasks, and to re-imagine what we want to do next. As we enter the summer and a season of renewal, time out, and recreation, we thought we would re-run 2 blogs here on using your creativity both in your internal life and in your relationships.

We are also asking for your generous thoughts and good vibes as we embark on another creative step here at MessyMarvelous!  Wish us luck as we dive in and stay tuned!  We’ll let you know how it goes!

Amy & Rhea


Create a Vision Map—Start the Year Well Series


Year Two, Skill #40: Create Meaning With Your Partner

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