What’s up at MessyMarvelous: Year Three–Regrouping

Happy Messy Monday, Friends! Mine has been super messy (no, it’s not just you) and suffice to say, I didn’t get this message out as planned! Here’s the update: Amy and I have just completed 2 series for this beginning of 2018 in our Year 3 Regrouping. Amy is about to be gone several weekends leading retreats and I am heading out for a business/pleasure 10-day trip to DC & Seattle (because they’re close, right?)
We are working on our next installation for a Spring Series or another download. In the meantime, review your favorite blogs and practice those skills!
I am going to leave you with one of my favorites–which is sadly rather timely again in the wake of the tragedy in Parkland, FL. We’ve not yet addressed this latest school shooting but had some interesting thoughts on it just yesterday–we will get back to you on that. So here is a review for you: Take Care of Each Other. –It’s always a good plan.
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Photo credit: Jim Dukes @jjdphoto2art

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