12 thoughts on “Year Two, Skill #52: Take a Break”

  1. Mimi Upton Fulmer

    Skill 52 wont open for me…does this mean it dies not apply to me?
    But seriously, anyone ekse having trouble getting to read this weeks blog?

    1. Hi Mimi! Sorry you’re having trouble–a few people said they had trouble on their phones. I also apologize that we didn’t answer comments sooner. I hope you were able to open it–it is a short video.

  2. 1. Friend or foe – social skills in polarized America
    2. . Moderate v passionate love
    3. To marry or not to marry? Is that the right question?
    4. Why it’s important to tell the truth
    5. Why kindness is critical
    6. Are people with no friends to be friended or avoided?
    7. How to argue.
    8. The importance of empathy
    9. Jealousy

    1. Hi Zoe! Wow! These are great–some have been touched on in certain ways over the last 2 years and some are totally new. We are currently brainstorming and trying to figure out how to broaden our visibility and to market ourselves more effectively. Thank you for your loyalty and thoughtful comments!

    1. Hi Roy! Some people had trouble opening it on their phones. I’m sorry we’re replying so late and I hope you were able to open it! Thanks for following!

    1. Hi Diane! We are regrouping our efforts and goals. This weekend we are on a brainstorming retreat and am working on a blog post for tomorrow. Stay tuned and thanks for your loyalty!!

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